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Don’t let software dictate your process.

Standardise your

Every customer has their own unique needs. At the heart of e-flow is a fully configurable workflow engine that rapidly adapts to your business, integrates with other platforms, coordinate efforts, collects data and keep stakeholders informed automatically.


Return to earlier stages of your process while concurrently measuring the number of iterations taken. With each loop e-flow reforecasts impact on finish date and makes all stakeholders aware.


With event based triggers, stakeholders or external platforms can be notified automatically with bespoke content rich, dynamic notification or integration messages.

Linked Activities

Create dependencies between programmes, projects and individual workflow tasks. Save time by cascading data, files and other important information between workflows.

Logical Decisions

e-flow workflows handle any situation. With decision trees any scenario is taken care of. Your workflows can be routed down different paths automatically based on data entered by stakeholders.


Allow your teams to easily organise their workloads with e-flow's fully personalised task page. Group tasks by type, name, due date and many other options. transfer tasks to other others and add.

Data Capturing

Basic Tasks

Keep your project plans up to date. e-flow can interface with other platforms quickly and easily allowing you to track events as they happen without another thought.

Custom Forms

Capture the data you need quickly and easily. With e-flow's Custom Form editor you can design what each data capture screen looks like, who should complete it and when it should be done.

Asset Upload and Explorer

Whatever your digital assets are, PDFs, TIFFs, JPG, CAD, Office, Illustrator, video or audio e-flow can handle it. With fully featured asset metadata search, faceting and tagging you'll never struggle to locate a file ever again.

File Uploading


Forms, Briefs & Commercials

Get complete assurance and traceability by seeking approval for commercials, creative ideas, project justification, master data, stage gates - indeed if you capture something in e-flow, you can approve it.

Form inputs

Digital Signatures

Remove physical documents and wet ink signatures from your process. Our electronic records, electronic signatures (ERES) comply with FDA 21CFR11 and equivalent alternatives in other markets.

Approved annotations on artwork

Video and Audio

With support for .mov, .mp4 and .mp3 share and stream large video and audio files instantly.

Video being annotated


Without clearly defined roles and responsibilities, it is easy for projects to run into trouble. e-flow's workflows incorporate a full RACI matrix of assignment responsibility making it easy to complete work on time, within budget and to the right level of quality.

Users with roles and responsibilities
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