Review, compare, approve

Bring your team together with the SUNrise online approval tool.

Long lead times approving files?

Endless amendments and revisions? Register today and let SUNrise dramatically reduce your turnaround times

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SUNrise is a fully cloud based solution that works with both Windows and OS X, and as this works within your browser there’s no need to worry about installing any software.

Register your organisation's details today and within a matter of minutes you’re good to go.

Flexible Digital Asset Management

Access your digital files from anywhere. Keep your organisation connected. Streamline your approval process

Upload, share, reuse, ensure consistency.

Avoid costly reproduction of digital assets and securely upload files of any type to your user community within seconds.

Share large files within a central platform rather than worrying about sending large emails.

Ensure teams always have the most up-to-date content and upload new versions whilst maintaining the revision history.

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Collaborative Real-Time Proofing

Discuss alterations collaboratively, add reference material and annotate directly from within your browser. Track changes, present checklists and maintain file revision history

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Markup changes effectively with the online approval tool.

SUNrise is the platform your organisation needs to reduce the cycle of asset revisions.

Our online approval tool allows you to create an approval process which brings users together at the right time.

Approvers can mark-up documents directly in the browser with feature-rich annotation and discussion tools. Any comments are immediately visible to all stakeholders and to help with the approval process, checklists and reference files can also be created.

Keep your team organised

Work collaboratively, track changes, reduce amendments.

Keep your approval activity on track.

Automatically notify team members when tasks become available, track current progress and receive updates as approval workflows progress.

Our workflow management system allows tasks to be assigned to individuals, groups and cross-functional teams.

Not logged in? Not a problem! Team members will receive email notifications when out and about.

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